Workout @ Home

By William Maslin Dance Studios

Terms and conditions

Online Standard Offering – Fitness Classes

Your subscription

  • William Maslin Dance Studios agrees to provide you with unlimited online fitness classes in your subscription plan while your subscription is active.
  • Your subscription will start on the day your first payment is made.
  • Your subscription will continue unless you tell us to stop.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time but you must give us 5 business days notice before the upcoming debit, otherwise the payment will be due and payable.

Your payments

  • You will pay your subscription weekly by automatic direct debit to your nominated credit card.
  • You must provide us with the required authorisation to debit your credit card as required by our payments processor, and allow us to save your card on file with our payments processor.
  • If your payment fails, you must provide us with an alternative payment form. If you fail to make the required payment, your subscription will be cancelled.

Your obligations

  • You must perform your fitness class in a safe manner. That is making sure you have enough space for the activity, appropriate clothing and accessories and you must stop when you feel you have reached your limits. If you have an injury, do not participate in the class and speak to a qualified medical professional.

Our obligations

  • We will provide quality instructors who are certified in the relevant class discipline.
  • We will provide safe, clear and easy to follow instruction. We encourage clients to let us know beforehand about any issues and we will endevour to provide adjustments in the class where appropriate.

The offer

  • Your subscription rate will remain in place for an active subscription, unless there is a periodical price change. If we propose to change the price of our Online Standard Offering fitness classes, we’ll give you at least 2 weeks notice. At the end of the two weeks notice, your subscription will change to new price that corresponds with your most recent offer.
  • If there is a price change, and we are running a promotion, we’ll place you on the best of the two offers available at that time, unless you tell us otherwise.


  • If you decide to rejoin within 12 months of cancelling your subscription, you will need to pay a rejoining fee.
  • The rejoining fee is calculated at: new subscription rate x 2 and is payable at the commencement of your new subscription. This fee is on top of your first week’s subscription.
  • When you rejoin, you can only select from the subscription offers that are available at the time of rejoining. The terms and conditions of those subscription offers will replace these terms on rejoining.