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5 Day Butt Challenge

Want that bubble butt? Want more strength in your Waltz motion and Latin motion?

Then join us in the 15 minute for 5 day butt challenge!

Beginners to advanced students will benefit from this challenge by choosing variations that suit them.

This challenge does use some accessories but only a mat is really needed. If you want that little bit more, have handy:

  • ankle weights, from 0.5 kg and up. Don’t go too heavy, start low and work your way up.
  • dumbbells, oh yes perfect for a challenging butt workout.
  • loop bands, small and soft but scary!

What can I do if I want more butt workouts?

Once you’ve completed butt challenge 1, try butt challenge 2 to maintain or continue to build your beautiful butt!

Your 5 videos are waiting below 🙂