Challenge yourself 

Your complete home workout series designed for small spaces and no equipment

Our fitness classes are for beginners, right through to advanced

Why choose Workout @ Home by William Maslin Dance Studios


A choice of 45 minute and 15 minute workouts.


Real classes by real people! Not stage managed, edited or curated. You get it worts and all. Just like working out with a friend.


High quality videos available on demand across all devices.


Designed for small spaces. Whether you’re working out in a tiny apartment or in the study, our online fitness classes are right for you.


Don’t waste money on building an expensive home gym. All of our workouts can be done without equipment. But if you have a mat, bands or dumbbells, great!

Working out in a small space

What our lovely clients have to say

OMG. Loved your classes today! I did barre and Pilates classes back to back because I missed my lunchtime session!

Hannah M.

Thank you so much for your classes. I’m enjoying Pilates more and more and my back is getting so much better due to the exercise in your classes. Keep up the great classes.

Amy W.

That was a solid Pilates class at home.

Jess L.

Loved the tips on how to use the bands – that was a killer arm workout.

Sureen D.